Currently Most Viewed and Most Popular Top 6 Diaper Girls

Adult Baby Girl Anais
Diaper Girl 'Anais' gives us outrageously hot action, sole, lesbian and sex in diapers. Diapergirl Anais has a vast amount of pictures and videos for your enjoyment.
Adult Baby Girl Georgia
Diaper Girl 'Georgia' looks so cute in her adult baby dress and diaper. Georgia is keen to show how sexy she is. Watch her interview to on her diaper fetish.
Adult Baby Girl Joele
Diaper Girl 'Joele' in her diaper with her dipergirl friend are enjoying time together and just being big adult babies and very cute ones at that.
Adult Baby Girl Phoenix
Diaper Girl 'Phoenix' I am sure you will agree when we say, one of our hottest, sexiest and cutest blonde adult baby girl and diaper lover is Phoenix.
Adult Baby Girl Scarlet
Diaper Girl 'Scarlet' a blonde beauty from New Zealand is showing us how seductive she looks when she is feeling like a big adult baby girl and wearing her adult diaper.
Adult Baby Girl Angie
Diaper Girl 'Angie' with diapergirl Shonelle enjoying each others company and playing big babies with each other. They're both so cute looking wearing their diapers.

  Adult Baby / Paraphilic infantilism - Did You KNow?

Coming out - A difficult choice that AB/DLs must make involves to whom to disclose interests. This offers the possibility of being accepted for who they are, and not having to hide. However, it also includes the risk of disgrace at home, school, and work. It is human nature to reject things that are different of others to ones-self, the existentialist would challenge the criticisms of those around them to help develop their own niche in the world, which the internet has helped with.

  Currently Most Viewed and Most Popular Top 6 Asian Adult Baby Girls

Adult Baby Girl Apple
Adult Baby 'Apple' wearing her diaper and getting ready to do a diaper change on her self. She removes her wet diaper and puts on a fresh adult diaper.
Adult Baby Girl Boom
Adult Baby 'Boom' is lovely and sweet and likes to be a big adult baby girl. A young, beautiful asian diaper lover.
Adult Baby Girl Gip
Adult Baby 'Gip' OMG. Yes, Oh My God. If this little hotdiapergirl doesn't speed up your blood flow, check your pulse, you could be dead.
Adult Baby Girl Ning
Adult Baby 'Ning' a tall and slender adult baby girl with long hair down to her ass. Ning loves is showing off her sexuality while diapered.
Adult Baby Girl TukTaan
Adult Baby 'TukTaan' is an oriental treasure. This sweet young asian schoolgirl will captivate you with her smile, and her tits and she looks great in her diaper and school uniform.
Adult Baby Girl Aei
Adult Baby 'Aei' a young, sexy Japanese School Girl in and out of her school uniform but always in her diaper.

  Diaper fetishism - Did You KNow?

Omorashi - Omorashi is a fetish subculture recognized predominantly in Japan, in which participants experience arousal from having a full bladder or a sexual attraction to someone else experiencing the feeling of a full bladder. For such fetishists, climax usually coincides with the moment of relief and embarrassment experienced when the desperate individual loses bladder control. Some subsets of omorashi fandom utilize diapers, in which case it is referred to as "omorashi omutsu," or less commonly called "omorashi oshime," both of which translate as "to wet oneself in a diaper."

  April - What's New

    Adult Baby In Diaper
Video of Ling Adult Baby In Diaper is now available to view online or download.
    Asian Adult Baby Sitter
Video of Ling and Lisa Asian Adult Baby Sitter is now available to view online or download.
    Diaper Girl
Video of Phoenix Diaper Girl is now available to view online or download.
    Adult Baby Diaper Lover
Video of Samantha Adult Baby Diaper Lover is now available to view online or download.
    Exotic Asian Dancers in Diapers
Video of TukTaan Exotic Asian Dancers in Diapers is now available to view online or download.
    Oriental Diaper Girls
Video of Whan Oriental Diaper Girls is now available to view online or download.

  What's a Sissy?

Sissy is a term used to define a man who crossdresses as a younger woman rather than the traditional crossdresser. Mostly they are into the humiliation side of being forced to dress as a woman. This separates them from traditional crossdressers, as they see themselves liberating a hidden side and see it as empowering rather than a humiliating event.

  New AB/DL dvd'd available this month - April

Adult Baby Video #17

Adult Baby Video #19

Adult Baby Video #21

Adult Baby Video #13

  Adult Baby / Paraphilic infantilism - Did You KNow?

Practical or voluntary use - Those who wear diapers because of incontinence are probably not AB/DLs. While they may wear and use diapers, they aren't necessarily doing it to express an alternate self-image or indulge a fetish. This also applies to those who use diapers for practical reasons, such as astronauts and scuba divers. Finally, there are some who start wearing diapers as a "new kink."

There are many that wear diapers but are not paraphilic infantilists or diaper fetishists in the strictest sense. Their motivations and underlying mechanisms are different. However, those who share AB/DL interests and practices are generally welcome in the communities, and may sometimes be counted as AB/DLs.

  New Adult Baby Video released this month - April

A Diaper Diary #2
17:44 - 678 MB
An adult baby girl undergoes diaper punishment given out by her adult baby mummy. After being diapered, she is caught peeing in her diaper while being punished, so her mummy changes her wet diaper, and puts on fresh new clean adult baby clothing and comforts her adult baby girl.
A Diaper Diary #3
08:18 - 312 MB
Adult baby girl in a diaper is being fed by her mummy, who then goes to sort out a pile of cloth diapers while her diaper girl plays and watches. Adult baby mummy and diaper girl continue to enjoy other activities together.
A Diaper Diary #6
06:10 - 162 MB
Girl in her diapers wakes up and changes her wet diaper. She gets dressed for school and goes off to school wearing a diaper. When she comes home, she goes into her room to change and gets caught wearing a diaper by her dad.

  Urinary incontinence - Did You KNow?

Bladder repositioning - Most stress incontinence in women results from the urethra dropping down toward the vagina. Therefore, common surgery for stress incontinence involves pulling the urethra up to a more normal position. Working through an incision in the vagina or abdomen, the surgeon raises the urethra and secures it with a string attached to muscle, ligament, or bone. For severe cases of stress incontinence, the surgeon may secure the urethra with a wide sling. This not only holds up the bladder but also compresses the bottom of the bladder and the top of the urethra, further preventing leakage.