Adult Baby Pics & Adult Baby Videos From Diaper Girl Emily

Girls in Diapers
Emily is playing with Anais who is wearing her diaper. Anais want Emily to also wear a diaper while they play together so Anais undresses Emily, put a diaper on her and her baby clothes, and both adult baby diaper girls continue happily playing.
Wear Diaper
Young Emily in a small shoot as she shows us how easily she regresses back to infantilism once she gets into her diaper.

ARCHIVE SETS - January 2004 to December 2004

  Click To View Set Title Where Available# of Images Zip (MB) Video (Mins)
Adult Baby 60 9 00:00
Adult Baby Print Diaper 30 5 00:00
Diaper Lover 30 4 00:00

  Which am I? AB or DL

AB, DL or ABDL. That's an important question, that only you can answer, however, it really doesn't matter. Most people will associate with at least a little of both of the classifications. Being either one way or the other completely isn't unusual but most people who play as an AB enjoy wearing and using their diapers and some DLs, sneak a quick suck on a dummy from time to time. Simply being happy with who you are is the best advice anyone can give.