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Ashleys Diaper Adventures Part 7
"Okay, we will work on it later. On the other side of the room is where Jessica and Laura sleep. They are all your roommates. Jessica is playing with some toys next to her bed, let's go meet her." Nurse Erin said as she escorted me over to where Jessica was playing.

Ashleys Diaper Adventures Part 8
"Are you all ready for school girls?" Mom asked at the breakfast table the Monday after we'd been back in Wisconsin. Kelly and I just looked at each other with an expression of uncertainty on our faces. I was a little nervous about going back to school. It was the same school I used to go to, but I was still worried about being picked on. Kelly was worried too, entering the first grade in her new school wearing diapers. She was only in preschool when we had moved to Colorado, and then it wasn't such a big deal for her to "still" be in diapers.

Babysitter Humiliation
When I was about 5 or 6 my parents decided that they were going to go away for a long weekend and that I would be staying with some friends of theirs. I did not like this as it was the first time away from my parents other than with relatives.........

Babysitter Series
This is a three part series that has to do with babysitters and some of the stuff that happens while they are babysitting. It takes place over 3 generations of characters. The first one Brenda, baby sits for Karen. Then Karen baby sits for Jaimey, then Jaimey baby sits for twins. It has a lot of interesting things in it for adult babies, diaper lovers, and pants wetters and poopers. There is nothing sexual between the babysitters and those that they baby sit. It is just one of those things where I had 3 separate fantasies about myself being babysat, and I turned it around and linked them together in a different way and made it into a series. I hope you will enjoy this story.

The child woke up screaming. She could never say afterwards what caused the nightmares, only that they were terrifying and had been a part of her life as long as she could remember. She would wake up gasping for air, trembling with the temptation to hide under her bed.

It happend a few weeks ago now and it was just a day like any other day, go to work do my job and go home, easy right? "WRONG" i worked as a nurses assistant at a nursing home, and i only wish that the job was as easy as they make it out to be. But in truth its brutal work for no pay, im just happy to help others, and if not for the wonderful people i take care of id have killed myself long ago.

Bill Goes To Visit Kathy
Bill gets home from his afternoon class at the community college. After getting to the apartment he sits on the couch and uses his WebTV to check email. Then he goes and makes something to eat. A while later he sits on the couch again watching TV. He looks at his watch. It's 8pm, Eastern time, but that means it's 5pm Pacific. Bill's on-line girlfriend gets home from work at 5. So in anticipation of seeing her on-line, he logs into a chat room and awaits her arrival. About 10 minutes later she appears.

My head aches as the world slowly swims back into focus, a warm fuzzy feeling stops my mind from putting everything together. I can just make out some that sounds like a nursery rhyme, the bed seems warmer than usual. But I'm not worried about that, the fact that my eyes . . . .

Cindys Valentine
Cindy was sitting on the corner of her bed looking through some school papers. She was trying to finish her homework so that she could go out with her boyfriend later that evening. A while later the door bell rang. She got up and went downstairs to answer it.

Curse Of Burnt Cove
This morning started like every other morning, diaper changes, baths and breakfast. Zachary was stilling being cared for by the inseparable team of Victoria and Cynthia. Zachary and the girl were almost finished cleaning out the basement and were reading item for a . . . .

The Adventures Of Babies Jessica And Carol Part 6
Jessica awoke before the others the next morning. It was early and the sun had just begun to rise. She rolled over feeling her wet messy diaper against her skin and smiled. Her head was a wash in mixed feelings. I'm lying here in a wet messy diaper dressed like a toddler . . . .

The Adventures Of Babies Jessica And Carol Part 7
The trip home from the zoo was uneventful as was the next week. After being back about a week Nanny got a strange phone called. For days afterward she was acting different. That Friday she brought the girls into the house and sat them down for a little chat. . . .

The Adventures Of Babies Jessica And Carol Part 8
After 2 days of being indoors Jessica and Carol were feeling a little better or at least cooped up. Nanny decided that it would be okay for the girls to venture out in to the yard. Dressed in their diapers and T-shirts they wondered the yard checking on the animal and coming to rest . . . .

The Adventures Of Babies Jessica And Carol Part 9
Jessica and Carol spent the next two days resting, Nanny had called their parent and told them about the storm and the ordeal they had, but as with everything had and end that weekend they would be going home from the farm. They spent the rest of the week saying . . . .

The Adventures Of Babies Jessica And Carol Part 10
As the weeks wet on Jessica and Carol became accustomed to the daily life of living like two babies. They wet and mess and didn't even notice it when it happened, Carol's arm had just about healed when the July fourth weekend was nearing and Nanny gave them some news. . . .